Our official site privacy policy describes on how our site operates and controls it’s media programs to our users to ensure their safety and provide them with all necessary required information.  So as to protect our users from any kinds of online treats, malicious activity, online hackers and all kinds of treats. We always keep up highly secure data transfer from our servers to you and all times trying hard keeping updates on our security database management.

In Additional we do not control or run any other online activities other than those described on our web pages. It’s your responsibility to take care and further actions of you personal  data if asked by unknown sources than those described on our website. Never contact unauthorized web support that are not described or given out on our website. We won’t take any kinds of responsibilities on any kinds of such scam activities on such cases.

Cookies Policy:

This are small pieces of information websites store on your computer or device. Cookies only contain bits of text, not anything else. The text can be a user ID, session ID, or any other text. Our sites uses cookie to enhance a better user experience while browsing our website. Clearing cookies you will be logged out from our website and we won’t remember any previous saved settings.

Third Parties Policy:

Users might find some third parties activities on our web pages. Such as advertisement promotions and many other activities that are not given  by us. We made this policy to give a notice that we do not take control on any kinds of activities provided on Third parties. All necessary activities you wish to implement on those pages should be done at your own notices. But still we  give our eyes on all third parties that we work with to ensure our users safety.


In case of any changes on our policy you will be notified direct throw this web page. Widely advised to keep up with our policy updates for your own safety protection and guides for better user experience.